• Join us in supporting our valuable pollinators by becoming a sponsor with Sweet Stingers. Whether you're a corporation, business, organization, or individual, you can make a difference. Sponsorships are an excellent way to support pollinators while increasing pollination in the area. Honey bees alone pollinate 80% of flowering plants and more than 130 fruits and vegetables in the US, making them vital to both us and nature. When you choose to sponsor one of our beehives, you'll be helping us to continue educating about pollinators and offsetting the cost of our Kids with Bees classes.

    Our sponsorships range from $35 to $500 per month, or we can customize one to fit your business, employees, and advertising budget. When you sponsor a beehive with us, you'll gain positive PR and increase your business or brand awareness through our growing social media platforms. You can incorporate environmentally pollinator-friendly posts to your social media and enjoy real raw honey. Additionally, your sponsorship will help maintain healthy, stable bee populations and show support for valuable pollinators in a unique way.

    What sets us apart is that we manage bees for those who want and need them without any fees. We choose to give back to our community by helping with pollination without charging for the service. By supporting us through customer sales, special events, talks, classes, donations, and sponsorships, we can continue to offer this valuable service. Join us in making a difference today.